Lahcen Mellal

Photographer Lahcen Mellal is gifted with an ability to turn the unnoticeable into art. Raised in a valley where verdant pastures and legendary tales of the imposing rock formations were told has influenced his photographic style and vision. After graduating from fashion design at the Vogue Academy in Amsterdam in 2000, Lahcen ventured into the world of photography and filming. Returning to his Moroccan origins and settling in the exotic city of Marrakech in 2014 has not only impacted his creativity, but also refocused the vision he wants to share with the world through his lens. He drew on his roots and need for authenticity while assisting established photographers including Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Matthias Clamer, Glen Luchford and Camilla Akrans,. Lahcen lives by Julius Shulman belief that the camera is the least important element in photography, rather it’s all about the people and their stories they have to tell. Using his discerning eye and unique ability to scout hidden gems of Marrakech to create spectacular settings for his photo shoots, Lahcen incites an extraordinary outcome for ordinary creations.